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For years I have been identified as a "shit tick", "social center tick", "communist mint", "red tick", and so on, so I decided to make those insults my own, I decided that that repulsive insect identified me perfectly.

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The Ixodidae project was born at the beginning of 2018 thanks to a stranger in the car who yelled at me "shit tick" along the streets of Padua. For some time I had been looking for an idea to find my alternative space where I could do what I wanted freely, but I didn't want to use the classic symbologies already seen, such as skulls, cthulhu, atomic bombs, etc. he yelled “shit tick” represented a bolt from the blue, so I started researching ticks and eventually the Ixodidae project was born.
The ixodidae ticks, commonly known as "hard ticks", are a family of arachnids characterized by the presence of a chitinous and completely blind dorsal shield, the latter being the feature that most convinced me to take this name for my project. The idea of ​​using a blind insect for a project that is completely based on images is a contrast that I find fascinating.
Starting from 2018 I started working as a graphic designer (Ixodidae) for various projects, musical bands, collectives and more, the most important collaborations, still active, are with; VxNxCx (Veneto Noise Crew), a collective of fans of the noise genre with whom I have been collaborating since 2018 as a graphic designer, in the same year I started collaborating with Scaglie di Rumore, a do it yourself tape label in Padua, where I deal with graphics and the layout of the cassettes. In 2020 I started my collaboration with Controversy Records, a controversial themed clothing label, always as a graphic designer, and in 2021 a collaboration with CRAP, a small webzine on the musical underground.

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