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OHH OHH OHH - "Son of the Jungle"

Track "Son of the jungle":

Guitar, bass, smartphone to create a rhythmic beat, jungle sounds. These are the ingredients of "Son of the jungle". An alienating mix of noise with the flavor of drone music but… danceable. Welcome to the jungle!

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Ohh Ohh Ohh is an art project, born in 2014, which wants to combine the sounds of the world, the analog noise generated by a bass and a guitar, the rhythmic patterns of the digital world.
Probably Ohh Ohh Ohh is a band, but they don't just make music. What is proposed is also a sensory and visual journey into a sonic world, generated by two individuals equipped with a bass guitar, a guitar and a smartphone.
Imagine a totem of amplifiers that shoot an infinite series of noises at maximum volume, supported by a pounding rhythm, all drowned in images created ad hoc by a visual artist.
Ohh Ohh Ohh is an experience that combines the pulse of the dancefloor with the attitude of a rock concert.

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