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Mambo Tango-Tango


Extracted from the first LP "Mambo Tango" of 2019.

Recorded by Alessio Balsemin MWA Indie Artist e

Mixed by Giulio Ragno Favero (Teatro degli orrori, One dimensional Man)

Proponents of an eclectic and brutal Post Hardcore with existential themes.

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Mambo Tango are a group from Padua (Italy) that was formed in October 2017 from the meeting of 4 musicians from different musical genres. The musical attitude that develops from the beginning is characterized by unconventional rhythmic variations and dirty and rough sounds, giving life to raw and direct compositions. The texts, mainly screamed, deal in allegorical form with themes related to inner growth, such as existential problems, depression, sociophobia, death and separation. In October 2019 the first LP containing 3 pieces entitled "Mambo Tango" is released, recorded by Alessio Balsemin MWA indie artist and mixed by Giulio Ragno Favero (Teatro degli orrori, One dimensional Man).


Battery: Devid Rizzardi

Bass: Stefano Paccagnella

Guitar: Enrico Squizzato

Voice: Mirko Zambon

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