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No More Lies-Cuore Rosso Anima Nera

PREVIEW!!! No More Lies "Cuore rosso anima nera" EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD ONLY ON CONTROVERSY RECORDS.SHOP (Track contained in the vinyl + CD Compilation CAOS IN ITALY by Anfibio records, Skinhead Sounds , Tufo Rock Records)

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The No More Lies born in Rome in April 2015 from an idea of ​​Fabrizio (Payback) and Pinuccio (Southern Drinkstruction): playing old-fashioned hardcore seasoned with texts and street themes, in the best tradition of groups like Agnostic Front, Stars & Stripes, Warzone, Bloody Riot, Nabat. Alessandro (Disgust) on drums and Gux (Tsubo, Buffalo Grillz,
Nineleven) on the bass. Let's start: in the same year, “Nessun Rimorso” comes out, a rough and no-frills demo of 8 pieces, dirty, very dirty. Our heroes begin to tour the peninsula and in the summer of 2016 they are already ready to record what can be considered their first official work: "Fuori Dal Coro", an album of 11 tracks that takes up the speech undertaken (and never interrupted) with
the demo release. During the recordings Pinuccio leaves the project for personal reasons, Gux moves to the guitar, while the bass is replaced by Ivan (Hecate, Nineleven). A little later it will be added
an additional guitar, Matteo (Disgusto, Tibia). We continue to play as much as possible up and down the boot, drunk and full of hatred and irony (which never hurts!). In early 2018, Gux also abandoned the group. In July, "Patto Col Diavolo" is released, a split with friends Rebel Crew of Milan, containing 5 new tracks. Currently our heroes are working on some releases
imminent, while maintaining an average of one date per month. Playing live for us is fundamental, to exorcise the ghosts of everyday life and to carry around our (anti) cultural baggage, to share with anyone who wants to have fun with us taking seriously what is necessary.

No More Lies, losers from the capital: see you at the counter! Oi

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