About us

Controversy Records It is a clothing, publishing and music label with an operational base in Italy.

The foundation of the project is the creation of consumer objects with artistic characteristics with an ironic and provocative connotation. We want to have fun and have fun thinking. That's all.

The label was born in 2013 and immediately carved out its own niche in the European underground of every movement both musical and borderline lifestyle: Skaters, Bikers, Writers, PunkRockers, Hardcores, MetalHead, Surfers, Wrestlers, BDSM etc etc love our productions and dress them / listen / read.

We are a circus of occasional artists who spread graphics and music as a virus of the mind.

Every artist who is a creator or involved in various ways in the project, completely surrenders his work to the label. Voluntarily.

Every image or characteristic of the specific products on the site are of our intellectual property. For their use we will have to be consulted or quoted.

Every work created by the artists and used for clothing, music or publishing is part of the constitutional right to make satire and / or social criticism. (Articles 21, 9 and 33 of the Constitution, which respectively protect the freedom of thought and expression, the development of culture and the freedom of artistic creation).

Having established this, Controversy Records, however, puts itself at the service of its users for any form of clarification on any... CONTROVERSIES.

We have a special care of our customers or of those who support us, so much to have created a large group of Controversy Hooligans / Controversy Queens (As you can see from the pictures on the site of satisfied customers who wear our productions).

You just have to join us in future Controversy Hooligans!